HIIT - Should This Be Your Workout?

HIIT – Should This Be Your Workout?

I’m sure you’ve heard of High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT.

Many people are doing it.

What is it? Who should do it?

What we really need to know first is: What is a high intensity exercise? What are intervals?

High Intensity

Examples of high intensity exercises could be weight lifting, jogging, running, bicycling, and swimming.

Since high intensity exercises work your muscles hard, they need more oxygen. You will also experience what is called the “after burn effect.” You’ve stopped exercising, but your body still consumes more calories. This effect can last for 24 hours and even up to 48 hours.

Here’s a surprise – not everyone is the same. (I know, you knew that.)

What I consider a high intensity workout might be like a walk in the park for you.

What’s important is for you to find activity levels that provide enough of a difference for you.

man walking

For example, sprinting for the high intensity portion but running for the slower interval.

Or running compared to jogging.

Or maybe jogging for the high intensity versus walking.


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